Finding the perfect fit for your Babouchescuir shoes

Publié le : 04/06/2017 12:06:54

How to find the perfect fit for your handmade Moroccan shoes 

You landed on the site and were seduced by our oriental slippers, our ballerinas, sandals or Kilim boots, all of them originating from Moroccan handcrafted traditions. 

You really liked one of our models but you're hesitating on the right shoe size? 
Before choosing the same size as your everyday shoes, follow this guide to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you receive your order.

As you were able to discover by reading the various articles of our site, Babouchescuir works directly with oriental slipper craftsmen in Marrakesh. The manufacturing of the shoes sold on the site follows the Moroccan ancestral savoir-faire, so the sizes can vary between well known American brands (for example) and our slippers.

Don't worry, we've created this conversion guide of shoe sizes especially for you!

The first step in choosing the ideal size for your oriental slippers or your favorite model on Babouchescuir is to measure your foot. If you don't have a pedimeter at home, we've got the perfect solution.

First of all, it's important to be bare footed or only wearing socks. Next, take a paper sheet and place your foot flat on top of it then draw a line at the front by the big toe and one behind the heel.
Then you simply measure the distance in centimeters between both lines, add 1 centimeter and finally to divide the result by 0.666. If you're between two sizes simply round up to the nearest millimeter to obtain your size equivalent for France/the European Union.

For example: the distance between both lines is 258 cm, you get 38.73. Your size is therefore 39.

Afterwards, you can refer to our size conversion table which you can also find on the Internet.

Thanks to this, you can convert your size or those of your relatives very easily. 

Please bear in mind that our oriental slippers, sandals and boots are made by craftsmen in Morocco from high-quality  goatskin or calf leather. It is possible that the leather feels tight at the first fitting, it will relax in time while wearing the shoes. 
If you have a doubt about your size, it's preferable that you choose a size above your usual one for better comfort. 
In the event you are buying shoes for a child, you might be tempted to choose a superior size anyway so that the child can wear his or her Moroccan leather slippers longer. We advise against doing this: children's feet are more fragile than those of the adults and they need an optimal support. Our Moroccan slippers were especially designed and made by our craftsmen in Morocco to offer optimum comfort.

Please bear in mind that in the event you order the wrong size for your oriental slippers, you may exchange your order by contacting us at