Berber leather slippers in brown


Round-ended slippers of Berber origins traditionally worn in the rural regions of Morocco. These truly authentic slippers are the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship. They're made of fine goatskin leather by skilled craftsmen whose gift has been passed on from generation to generation in the great city of Marrakesh.

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Slippers made of leather and sewn artistically onto a solid soft sole. These exquisite slippers are made by gifted craftsmen who have decorated them with detailed patterns by carving the leather, resulting in a true work of art. Comfortable yet solidly constructed, they're suitable for any sort of situation and may be worn both indoors and outdoors.


Double layers of leather and solid sewing.

Inner soft sole also made of leather.

A black rubber soft sole on the outside as well.


These slippers are not the result of industrial processes, but are the fruit of fine artistic craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. Every pair is therefore unique with its own particular characteristics. Please do bear in mind that the leather used here is flexible, and therefore it becomes smoother and softens with time. Thus, we advise to consider this when choosing your size.


(Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom) on 11 Jan. 2021 (Berber leather slippers in brown) :

Little and Large

Slippers arrived earlier than expected. Since they were handcrafted the finish was not brilliant particularly around the top rim. There was only one major problem they were slightly different sizes the right foot was fine but the left was slightly larger and loose around the heel, which would be okay if wearing them as loafers but I like my slippers with the heel up, so consequently the right one is a good fit and the left one is loose. I am wearing them but I would not by another pair. They weren't very expensive at £24.00 but with the expensive postage at over £8.00 it would be more than I would like to pay again.

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(Gournay-sur-marne, France) on 06 Jan. 2021 (Berber leather slippers in brown) :
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(Morcenx, France) on 03 Jan. 2021 (Berber leather slippers in brown) :


Babouche de très bonne qualité, je recommande.

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(VIC-EN-BIGORRE, France) on 31 Dec. 2020 (Berber leather slippers in brown) :


Je vous ai acheté 2 paires et en suis très satisfait.
Il est vrai que la qualité est très bonne.
Je vous ai fait de la pub auprès de mes Camarades Anciens de la Légion Étrangère.
Il est fort possible que je vous commande une autre paire fin février pour mon beau-père à Strasbourg.
Je suis ravi et content qu'à ce moment vous me ferez un prix d'Ami.
J'ai un de mes anciens caporal-chef du temps où j'étais jeune sous-officier (aujourd'hui adjudant-chef en retraite) qui est retourné au Maroc...
À bientôt.
Bien cordialement.
Capitaine(H) Pierre-Yves PARENT

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(Bagnols-en-Forêt, France) on 27 Dec. 2020 (Berber leather slippers in brown) :
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