How to find the right size for your moroccan slippers and shoes?

You are seduced by our handmade shoes sold on and you want to be sure to buy the right size ? Follow our complete size guide to find the perfect size. We have created it especially for you. You will find everything you need to know before buying our traditional leather shoes made in Morocco. You will avoid any unpleasant surprise when you receive your order.

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Our Berber slipper, city babouches, fancy babouches, ballerinas, sandals and Kilim boots are all handmade in real leather and from Moroccan craftsmanship. They are practical and comfortable shoes of very high quality. They are made with the best goat and calf skins by craftsmen babouchiers of Marrakech and offer neat finishes. You will therefore wear them for a long time. You have fallen in love with one of our products but you hesitate about the size? Before choosing the size of your favorite handmade shoes, take the time to check that it is the right one. Indeed, the manufacture of belghas, women's moroccan slippers and other Moroccan slippers on sale on our site are based on an ancestral Moroccan know-how. The size references are not the same as in France. Therefore, there may be differences in size between our handmade products and your everyday shoes. In addition, a Moroccan slipper badly adapted will age prematurely and become deformed, no longer making your foot look good..

To choose the good size for adult Moroccan shoes

You must measure your foot.

  • Put yourself barefoot or in socks.
  • Take a decimeter, a sheet of A4 paper and a pencil.
  • Place one foot flat on the paper.
  • Draw a pencil line in front of the end of the big toe and behind the heel.
  • Measure the length between the two lines.
  • Add 1 centimeter and divide by 0.666.

The result is your shoe size.

Important: if you are between two sizes, round up to the nearest millimeter to obtain the French/European Union equivalence.


The distance between the two lines is 25,8 cm

24,8 + 1 = 25,8

25,8 : 0,666 = 38,73

You get 38.73 cm. Your height is therefore 39.

You now have all the information you need to use our size conversion chart and find your shoe size equivalence at a glance according to your country.

Our advice : if you are unsure of your size, for more comfort, choose a size above your usual size.

Choosing the right size for Moroccan shoes for children

When buying on our online store children's slippers or any other type of traditional shoes for girls and boys, you might be tempted to choose a bigger size so that they can enjoy their shoes as long as possible. We do not recommend this because children's feet are more fragile than adults' feet. They need optimal support. Our handmade shoes for children have been specially designed by our Moroccan craftsmen to provide optimum comfort.

Table of conversion sizes

Conversion table and correspondence for the sizes of Moroccan slippers and shoes

Warning : at the first fitting, it is possible that the leather is tense. Do not worry, it will relax with use. If, in spite of everything, you notice an error of size, our policy of return allows you to exchange your article by contacting us via the ‘contact us’ form .

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