Protection of personal data & confidentiality :

The data protection law :

The data protection law defines the principles to be respected during the collection, during the treatment and during the data retention personal. It also guarantees a number of rights for the concerned people.

Before any collection and use of personal data, the person in charge of treatment of these datas has to announce to the concerned people what is going to be of use their datas. These objectives, called "purposes", have to respect the rights and the liberties of the individuals. They limit the way the person in charge of the collect can use or reuse these data in the future.

Only the strictly necessary data for the realization of the objective can be collected: it is the principle of minimization of the collection. Thus, the person in charge of processing the datas does not have to collect more data than what he really needs. He also has to pay attention on the sensitive character of certain data.

The person in charge of data processing has to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the data which he collected but also their confidentiality, in order to make sure that only the authorized people reach it. These measures can be determined according to the risks pressing on this file (sensibility of the data, the objective of the collect)

The creation of a client account on our Babouchecuir website requires that you communicate personal information.

The processing of this information requires a statement to the CNIL.

The respect of the data protection law on pledges to respect the confidentiality of the information you volunteer or the information gathered automatically by

The information left on the Site (name, address, e-mail…) will not be used for any purpose (rental or sale of file) other than that linked to the processing of the order and the management of the commercial relations between you and Babouchecuir.

However, this information may be communicated to the parent company and to the subsidiaries.

In accordance with the « Data Protection Act » of January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, you enjoy a right to access and rectify the information concerning you, which you may exercise by writing to  Babouchecuir, 44Q rue de Beau Soleil 44340 Bouguenais. or by sending an e-mail here Contact Us . Please specify your name or the name of your company, your physical coordinates or e-mail address, as well as the case may be as the reference which has been assigned to you as client on the Site.

You may also oppose the processing of the data concerning you, on lawful grounds. is registered on CNIL with registration 1921813 v 0