wholesale moroccan slippers

Would you like to order an large quantity of shoes from Babouchescuir.com?

From the traditional moroccan slipper to the even fancier slippers such as Berber kilim boots, the Babouchescuir site specializes in the online sale of oriental shoes.

Its purpose? To offer a wide range of handcrafted traditional leather and fabric Moroccan shoes , for men, women and children.

Perhaps you're planning on organizing an event such as a wedding, birthday or themed party. Or maybe you'd like to offer a present like a company or wedding gift. Whatever the situation, you require a massive order of Moroccan handcrafted slippers, ballerinas, sandals or Kilim boots.

Babouchescuir has the right solution for and would be pleased to help you place a wholesale order!

Let's specify that it is mandatory to contact Nabil Erraoud from Babouchescuir before placing a wholesale order, this method not being available on the online shop. If placing your order directly through the online shop, you could miss products which haven't been restocked yet, new products, or exclusive conditions on offer when you place your order. Now wouldn't that be a shame?!

Before specifying the conditions of the wholesale, let us remind you of some essential facts about shoes sold on the website Babouchescuir. 
All of the models sold are made of  either goatskin or calf leather, or they feature Kilim fabric, with all models guaranteeing comfort and solidity. All of them are made in Morocco, by hand and respect the traditions of Moroccan crafting savoir-faire.

The first advantage of placing a wholesale order is that Babouchescuir provides you with its catalogue containing more than one hundred items. It will allow you to select the right models of oriental slippers and other Moroccan shoes adapted to your needs. 

The second advantage is that if the desired quantity allows it, a discount rate will be offered to you, therefore reducing the total cost of your order.

Last but not least, whether you have a small or big budget or whether you order leather slippers for women or fabric ones, every request will be individually studied to get you the best deal for your request. Indeed, it is essential for Babouchescuir to respect the work of the Moroccan craftsmen which produces the shoes and slippers which are sold on the website. 

Exclusive terms of sale will be offered to you, always with the aim of satisfying your expectations. All the models proposed on the website are available for a wholesale order and can be sent quickly, guaranteeing you a prompt delivery of your Moroccan slippers in just a few days. 

So, don't delay any longer! Download the Babouchescuir PDF catalogue and contact us to place a wholesale order of Moroccan crafted slippers and leather shoes at a reduced price.