The genuine moroccan leather babouche : What you need to know

Would you like to buy a pair of high quality babouches? Know that this timeless traditional slipper has been manufactured in Morocco for several centuries in the respect of tradition. It accessorizes the traditional Moroccan outfits and honors the craft of genuine leather.

We explain all about this handmade product typical of Moroccan culture and shaped by hand, from generation to generation, by craftsmen babouchiers.

The real Moroccan leather babouche: what you need to know

This traditional Moroccan leather shoe is the most worn in Morocco and is an essential accessory for religious ceremonies and festivals.

  • Made from high quality leather material which comes from Moroccan tanneries (Marrakech, Fez medina).
  • Natural tanning of the skins with vegetable pigments according to traditional techniques.
  • Assembled by hand, with the greatest care, by a babouchier holder of an ancestral know-how.
  • High quality finishings that allow to wear it outside.
  • Great diversity of patterns and shapes according to the regions and the inspiration of Moroccan craftsmen.

The babouche, an ethnic shoe that does not lack assets

The popularity of this flat shoe is no longer to be made, and for good reason:

The main advantages of the babouche :

  • as comfortable as indoor slippers; it is often referred to as the Moroccan slipper. light, flexible and practical,
  • easy to put on and take off,
  • casual spirit,
  • can be worn indoors and outdoors.

The different types of Moroccan babouches

The Berber babouche

This classic moroccan slippers with an openly rural style is mainly made in Marrakech. It has a square or round toe and clean seams.

It is an all-terrain ethnic shoe specially designed by the Berber tribes. It is perfectly adapted to the lifestyles of the peasants used to ploughing the fields and to the very hot regions of the mountains: very solid, anti-transpiring, ultra comfortable…

The city babouche

The men's moroccan slippers  has many names: belgha, when it is a babouche for men, babouches Fassia or babouches of Fez when it is manufactured in the city of Fez, royal babouche to emphasize the refinement and originality of this traditional shoe intended for the inhabitants of the city and which is distinguished by its pointed tip. It is a handcrafted shoe in the old style that has beautiful finishes and visible seams. Besides the city babouche in leather, there are also babouches in sabra, a fabric very close to silk by its aspect and its touch which earns it the name of vegetable silk.

The Cherbil

This babouche for women is a beauty accessory that allows you to adopt a bohemian or chic and glamorous look that is a little more worked and very trendy. Moroccan women traditionally wear it with a djellaba or during ceremonies. It uses various materials (leather, sabra, velvet) and can take on extremely varied aspects thanks to all sorts of ornaments: gold, silver or silk thread embroidery, sequins, fine pearls, sequins, pompoms, etc.

To be remembered

There are also many shoes made by Moroccan craftsmen and derived from the babouche which take up its summer and holiday spirit: sandal, flip-flop, ballerina... Browse our online store to discover our complete collection of babouches and other oriental shoes entirely made by the best babouche craftsmen in Marrakech, and browse our "Babouches and Moroccan shoes size guide" to buy the right size.

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