Secure payment

Secure payment

The payment upon purchase on is safe and encrypted. 
It may be done using 

  • PayPal
  • Credit card via Payplug
  • Credit card via HiPay
  • Credit card via Klik&Pay

PayPal, Payplug, HiPay and Klik&Pay help protect your credit card information with the best systems on the market for security and fraud prevention. When using PayPal, Payplug, HiPay or Klik&Pay, your banking information will never ever be disclosed to the merchant.

If you choose to pay your order with Paypal :

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay online, send and receive money without sharing your bank account information.

As a banking institution within the European Union, PayPal offers more than 10 years of experience in secure online payments. PayPal encrypts and secures all of your banking information and will never disclose under any kinds of circumstances, the recipient of your payment.  

Pay quickly and more securely with just an email address and password or mobile number and PIN, when making online payments. No need to re-enter your card and delivery details every time you pay.

Paying online with PayPal is not more expensive than using your bank cards. Your purchases will be FREE if you make them in Euros in the Euro Zone of the European Union.

To learn more about the security of payment with Paypal, Click here.

If you choose to pay your order with Payplug :

PayPlug transactions are processed with an HTTPS link established between the client and the payment company server. Sensitive data, such as the customer's credit card number and its expiration date, are fully encrypted and protected with an SSL protocol in order to prevent them from being exchanged or intercepted in an unencrypted way by a third party during the transaction.

Card numbers are encrypted instantly and are not accessible by sellers using PayPlug. In addition, PayPlug does not retain any card numbers and relies on a TOP secure infrastructure that meets the international standard PCI - DSS.

To learn more about this standard, Click here.

All pages of the website PayPlug, as well as transmission links are secured by SSL and benefit from a secured Thawte Extended Validation certificate.

If you choose to pay your order with HiPay 

The electronic payment protocol utilized to pay your order if choosing to pay with Hipay is HiPAY. It guarantees total confidentiality of personal data transmitted on the internet. Therefore, the information pertaining to your bank card is not kept on the Site and your payment can be consulted only in encrypted form thanks to the SSL protocol (confirmed by the appearance of the « https » in the URL displayed by your navigator).

However, to facilitate the buying process when you next order, a system is available for storing your banking data. For this, you must check the box "Optional - storage of this bank card" on the page containing the Site's payment information. Your bank data are kept on the server of HIPAY Company in encrypted form only and are kept only for the period strictly necessary for managing the client relations which shall in no event exceed 2 years following the date of your last order.

If you choose to pay your order with Klik & Pay

Klik & Pay's mission consists in offering simple, upgradeable, and configurable and easy-to-integrate business-oriented solutions. Because e-commerce is an international concept, their solutions open businesses up to new markets, thanks to local payment methods.

Paying with Klik & Pay, you authorize the company to verify your card validity and account balance always using encrypted methods to protect your datas. Authorisation is given in real-time and your account is immediately debited. The merchant’s Klik & Pay account is immediately credited. A confirmation email is sent to the merchant and client.