Our Moroccan leather

Under what sort of conditions are  the slippers that are sold on Babouchescuir.com crafted?

Since its creation in January 2016, the founder of Babouchescuir has been eager to promote the savoir-faire of finely crafted Moroccan leather goods. 
To this end, the site offers models for women, men and children with the aim of the democratization of the oriental shoe. For this reason, all the slippers, ballerinas, sandals and boots sold are made by hand, in leather and in Morocco. We are talking about a website that sells 100% handcrafted shoes from the babouchiers souk of Marrakesh.

Either consisting of goatskin or calf leather and occasionally featuring some kilim embroidery, every model is made with a respect for the traditional techniques which have been passed on from generations to generation. 
Babouchescuir is committed to a local and sustainable process of manufacturing. 
This is why all of the leather that we use comes from local tanneries guaranteeing an excellent quality of leather. The leather of the tanneries of Marrakesh is praised worldwide for its quality and its solidity. What is the reason for such quality? It's quite simple: the tanneries of Marrakesh continue to use the ancient techniques of tanning avoiding the chemical dyes, prefring instead to use henna or mint. To tan and to colour a skin properly can take up to 100 days.

You now know that the oriental slippers and shoes sold on Babouchescuir.com are made locally. But what about the sustainability of production? The founder of the site has pledged to work with one of the best families from the  babouchiers souk of Marrakesh. Babouchescuir became, by force of circumstance, one of the major customers of this family allowing them to continue their production of optimal quality leather slippers, without having to sacrifice quality for efficiency.

In a world where consumption is a queen and where the profit is often made to the detriment of the quality of products, Babouchescuir chooses to sell finely-crafted products with a sales policy based on the respect due to both its suppliers and customers. 
That is why you'll find numerous versions of the key Moroccan styles on the online shop. 
The oriental slipper for women or for men, although nowadays slightly abandoned for of a westernized fashion, remains the IT shoe of any Moroccan ceremony. The leather ballerinas became the trusted "go-to" shoe for everyday life for numerous women, while the kilim boots are always ready in times of cooler temperatures.

When placing your order on our website, you are helping the Moroccan crafting industry while benefiting from advantageous conditions of delivery.

Take a trip to the souk of Marrakesh and feel like a local without leaving your house, and order your leather oriental slippers on the site Babouchescuir.com. More than 100 models are waiting for you, you're sure to find the right one for you!