Why buy your leather babouches on babouchescuir.com?

Babouchescuir.com is an online website created in January 2016 and specialized in the sale of leather babouches and shoes from Moroccan craftsmanship. Our will is to offer you high quality handmade Moroccan shoes at affordable prices. To know more about the conditions of manufacture of our artisanal products of Marrakech, browse this article.

Our raison d'être, our 100% traditional craftsmanship, the origin of our Moroccan leather, the know-how of our babouchiers, the natural tanning... We explain everything.

Artisan babouchier of Marrakech preparing the leather for the manufacture of Moroccan babouches

Moroccan craftsmanship and leather

We have at heart to promote the craft know-how of Moroccan leather goods and we offer quality products at affordable prices. We work to democratize the Moroccan shoe made from real leather amongst women, men and children. We provide our French and international customers with a complete range of models in goat or calf leather to meet the tastes of most people: traditional babouche with round or square toe, city babouche with pointed toe, fancy babouche, ballerina, sandal and kilim boot.

Moroccan slippers and shoes made in Marrakech

All our models are handmade in Morocco. We have chosen to work only with one of the best families of craftsmen babouchiers that we know and with whom we have established a relationship of trust. Located in human-sized shops in the souk of Marrakech, these passionate local artisans are recognized for their true know-how and the rare and unique knowledge of their trade. We defend a local and sustainable manufacturing process, which allows the babouchiers to live and work with dignity, in the respect of ancestral techniques that are transmitted from generation to generation. Our approach, in favor of fair trade and the protection of the Moroccan heritage, allows us to maintain a more sustainable local economy and to support the sense of value of artisanal work, without sacrificing quality to performance.

Natural tanning, an ancestral process

Our customers can be sure that they are buying authenticity and the transmission of an irreproachable and, of course, unbeatable quality. When we talk about expertise and local craftsmanship, we are also talking about a large number of hours of learning and work on the part of Moroccan babouchiers. The leather material used to make our handcrafted and traditional products comes from a natural tanning and a dyeing based on vegetable dyes. The process, renowned throughout the world, is very slow, but it guarantees a noble, durable and comfortable leather of excellent quality.. Tanning and dyeing the skin in the old fashioned way is a job that can take up to 100 days of work.

Belgha and cheryl handmade for all occasions

The woman's moroccan slippers and the man's babouche are among the most famous Moroccan shoes. It is a traditional comfortable, light and practical shoe that is part of the cultural heritage of Morocco and is intimately linked to the habits and customs of the country. More than 100 exclusive references are available on the website Babouchescuir.com. They decline the flagship models worn by the Moroccan population in daily life, on the occasion of major events or ceremonies such as wedding parties. Whether in shapes, colors or uses, all our classic or revisited models of Moroccan slippers, royal babouche, cherbyl, mule and other boot in kilim fabric, are all typical accessories that illustrate the diversity and richness of the Moroccan identity and culture.

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Moroccan hand-sewn leather slippers 

(1) Even if it is true that the new generations tend more and more to prefer Western shoes to ethnic shoes because they consider the latter more modern and more suited to their lifestyles.